Are you interested in sequencing exosomal RNA for biomarker discovery and profiling or other research questions but don’t know exactly how to get to the data? System Biosciences Exo-NGS (Exosomal RNA-seq) services is the solution.

SBI team has been working with exosomes for years and can reliably and reproducibly isolate exosomes from almost any biofluid such as plasma and tissue culture media, CSF, synovial fluid, and even mouse bronchial alveolar fluid. The sample input requirements are very low. 0.5-1 ml for serum, plasma and ascites fluid, 5-10 ml for cell media, urine and CSF, for other samples please contact us.

They routinely generate high-quality exosomal RNA libraries from as little as 1 ng of total RNA. SBI has run thousands of samples and know what to expect from exosome RNA-Seq studies. They don’t just deliver raw data but provide analyzed files and spend time with you reviewing your results and can provide expert insights into your data.

In summary

  • More usable reads for uncovering novel biomarkers
  • Any type of exosomal RNA
  • Low sample requirements (as little as 1ng of total RNA)
  • Any biofluid (they handle exosome isolation)
  • Unparalleled end-to-end scientific support
  • Have your own exosomes? SBI can handle them!

Ordering Exo-NGS Services is easy

Step 1. Contact Sanbio Support team for a quote by emailing support@sanbio.nl 

Step 2. Send us your samples.

Step 3. Get your data files and a web-based presentation of the findings.