Engineer your antibody

What if you are looking for the right antibody and you need rapid reformatting or generation of unusual formats?

The Antibody Engineering Service of Absolute Antibody is your answer. Absolute Antibody engineers recombinant antibodies at the genetic level enabling production of recombinant antibody fragments like Fc Silentâ„¢, recombinant Fab and Fab2 (AbFAb2â„¢) and bispecific antibodies.

With their proprietary cloning system they are able to rapidly engineer any antibody into any format. Below diagram captures the base of the cloning system:

engineer any antibody into any format - Absolute Antibody

The diagram is a summary of the cloning system.

Switch species

There are still possibilities if you require antibodies of a species not listed within the diagram. The current available antibody sequences range consists out of pig, sheep, horse, dog, chicken, fish, platypus and a full range of non-human primates. If the right species is still not within the list, the experts of Absolute Antibody are able to determine antibody sequences from most genomes (even if only partial assemblies are available). Therefore we are always looking forward to get to know your request. Please contact us for all your inquiries.

Switch isotype or subtype

The isotype of subtype of any antibody can be altered. If you would like to alter the in vivo effector function and stability of an antibody, or if you would like to convert your IgG to an IgM to increase avidity the isotype switching service could be the solution. Switching the isotype or subtype could also be the right choice if your antibody subtype is prone to aggregation, as this can help to overcome this.


The last step in the diagram is about reformatting. Antibody fragments could be the right alternative to full length antibodies. The cloning system of Absolute Antibody is able to convert any antibody into a fragment. Besides, any pair of antibodies can be reformatted into an IgG-scFv format. Resulting in a bispecific bivalent antibody format capable of binding two antigens at the same time.

Additionally to above cloning system, antibody chimerization and (royalty free) antibody humanization services are offered. The possibilities are endless. We are looking forward to learn about your research and how we can help with engineering the right antibody to support your research. Contact us today!