Custom shRNA Design Service

Do you need a tool to silence target gene expression?
OriGene offers a wide range near 500 genes of short hairpin RNA plasmids. OriGene uses a 29-mer short hairpin design for Hush-29TM shRNA plasmids, which has been demonstrated to be more effective than 21-mer designs with a guaranteed knockdown of ≥70%.

OriGene’s Custom shRNA Design Service are for the special needs outside our pre-designed shRNA products. Examples are

  • shRNA targeting species other than Human, Mouse or Rat
  • Integrate an effective siRNA oligo sequence into an shRNA vector
  • Isoform-specific knock down
  • Have shRNA constructs that target multiple species
  • Reproduce a published result where shRNA sequence is available/disclosed
  • A scrambled negative control is included.
  • Lentiviral vector now available!

There are two modes of service with Exact-shRNA:

  • Self-design: Customers specify the short hairpin sequences (stem and loop), choose a vector and OriGene constructs the plasmid.
  • OriGene-design:  Customers define the transcript sequence(s) and OriGene designs the shRNA (stem and loop) using their proprietary algorithm.