Good, validated antibodies are highly valuable, but hybridomas are easily lost. Storage accidents, genetic drift or contamination can threaten the security of your antibody.

One solution is to sequence your antibody to enable recombinant production. Sequencing an antibody is vital when obtaining intellectual property rights for your sequence, and expands your antibody’s potential with antibody engineering options.

Hybridoma Sequencing

The hybridoma sequencing service  of Absolute Antibody is the starting point for protecting your antibody and embarking on antibody engineering projects such as species, isotype and subtype switching or even humanization.

"2300 hybridomas sequenced in the last two years"

Absolute Antibody offers a quick and professional hybridoma sequencing service, also known as antibody sequencing. Hybridoma sequencing is the sequencing of the cDNA encoding the variable heavy (VH) and variable light (VL) domains of your hybridoma cell line.

Sequencing the antibody genes of your hybridoma offers many advantages:

  • Security – your antibody can always be produced recombinantly even if your hybridoma line is lost
  • Humanization – once you know the VH and VL sequences you can proceed to humanization if part of a therapeutic antibody project
  • Flexibility – convert your antibody to any species, isotype or format
  • Intellectual property – patent the sequences of your unique variable domains

Antibody Protein Sequencing

There are many monoclonal antibodies for which the hybridoma cell line is unavailable. To complement our hybridoma sequencing service, we are also offering a de novo antibody protein sequencing service.

By combining mass spectrometry with high accuracy de novo peptide sequencing and assembly of overlapping peptides, the amino acid sequences of the variable domains are determined.

Absolute Antibody guarantees to deliver a functional antibody sequence along with a comprehensive sequencing report with full sequence coverage. In combination with their transient expression service, they can sequence an antibody and deliver recombinant versions in as little as 9 weeks.

Polyclonal Antibody Sequencing

Sequencing polyclonal antibodies in order to secure a precisely defined and reproducible source of antibodies has been an impossibility, until now. Absolute Antibody partnered with leading industry innovators to offer a polyclonal antibody immortalization service.

Polyclonal antibodies are widely used reagents across research and diagnostics. They are generated by immunizing animals with an immunogen and harvesting the animals’ blood to obtain immunoreactive serum. While polyclonal antibodies offer a range of advantages such as excellent performance across different methods, they suffer from high batch-to-batch variability and require the continued use of animals for their production.

Turning a polyclonal antibody into an infinitely reproducible recombinant antibody has been described as the Holy Grail of reagent antibody technology with far-reaching potential. Now, advances in antibody protein sequencing technology have made it possible to sequence a polyclonal antibody protein sample and obtain highly functional recombinant monoclonal antibodies from the sequence.