cis-6-Hexadecenoic acid is a monounsaturated fatty acid and is one of the primary fatty acids in human skin.{42782} cis-6-Hexadecenoic acid levels are increased in isolated sebum from the face and back of patients with acne.{42783} In contrast, levels are decreased in the non-lesional skin and isolated sebum of atopic dermatitis patients, which correlates with an increase in S. aureus in the sebum.{42782} It is active against S. aureus in vitro when used at a concentration of 5 ug/ml at pH 5.5.{42784} cis-6-Hexadecenoic acid disrupts membrane integrity, the proton motive force, increases membrane fluidity, and inhibits the electron transport chain in S. aureus. [Matreya, LLC. Catalog No. 1243]
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