C6 Ceramide-biotin is an affinity probe that allows C2 ceramide (d18:1/2:0) (Item No. 62525) to be detected or immobilized through interaction with the biotin ligand. C6 Ceramide-biotin has been used to detect ceramide binding partners, such as inhibitor 2 of protein phosphatase 2A (I2PP2A), in vitro and in situ.{36025} C6 ceramide is a cell-permeable analog of naturally occurring ceramides. With a longer carbon chain than C2 ceramide (Item No. 62510), it is somewhat more hydrophobic and may more closely mimic the effects of natural ceramides.{2756} C6 ceramide mediates many diverse biological activities including apoptosis, activation of PP2A, and inhibition of the mitochondrial respiratory chain.{2756,3988,2757,5031} It also enhances the expression of COX-2 in rat granulosa cells and stimulates the growth of bovine aortic smooth muscle cells.{5473,3512} C6 ceramide acts in neuronal axons to inhibit neurite growth.{5302} [Matreya, LLC. Catalog No. 2081]
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