Phosphodiesterase 9A (PDE9A) is a high-affinity cGMP-specific cyclic nucleotide phosphodiesterase.{53752} Alternative splicing in the 5' region of PDE9A mRNA results in a variety of PDE9A isoforms, including PDE9A2, whereas the 3' region encoding the catalytic PDE domain does not vary between isoforms.{53750,53753} PDE9A2 mRNA is expressed in colon, prostate, spleen, peripheral blood leukocytes, small intestine, thymus, testis, and ovary.{53750} PDE9A2 localizes to membrane ruffles, the perinuclear region, and other membrane regions when transiently overexpressed in HeLa and COS-1 cells.{53753} PDE9A expression is elevated in reticulocytes and neutrophils isolated from patients with sickle cell disease compared with healthy individuals.{53751} Cayman's PDE9A2 (human, recombinant) protein consists of 770 amino acids and has a calculated molecular weight of 89.5 kDa. By SDS-PAGE, under reducing conditions, the apparent molecular mass of the protein is approximately 75 kDa.
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