5-Bromouridine is a brominated analog of the nucleoside uridine (Item No. 20300).{46879} It can be incorporated into RNA and subsequently detected by antibodies against bromodeoxyuridine (Item No. 15580).{46880} 5-Bromouridine decreases the viability of HL-60 and MOLT-4 cells (LC50s = 10 and 20 ?M, respectively). It induces apoptosis and halts the cell cycle at the S phase in HL-60 cells. It is photoreactive, and UV irradiation has been used to cross-link RNA containing 5-bromouridine to proteins in the study of of RNA-protein interactions.{46879,46881} 5-Bromouridine can also be incorporated into RNA using 5-bromouridine 5’-triphosphate (Item No. 18140).
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