Guanfacine-13C,15N3 is intended for us as an internal standard for the quantification of guanfacine (Item No. 22907) by GC- or LC-MS. Guanfacine is an a2-adrenergic receptor (a2-AR) agonist with Ki values of 93, 1,380, and 3,890 nM for a2A-, a2B-, and a2C-ARs, respectively, in a radioligand binding assay.{40326} It has EC50 values of 52, 288, and 602 nM for a2A-, a2B-, and a2C-ARs, respectively, for stimulated [35S]GTPyS binding. It also binds to imidazoline receptor 1 (Ki = 19 nM in a radioligand binding assay).{40341} Guanfacine (0.3-5 mg/kg) binds to adrenergic receptors in the central nervous system and lowers blood pressure in hypertensive rats in a dose-dependent manner.{40342} It also improves spatial working memory deficits induced by hypobaric hypoxia in rats.{40340} Formulations containing guanfacine are used in the treatment of high blood pressure and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD).
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