Isavuconazole-d4 is intended for use as an internal standard for the quantification of isavuconazole (Item No. 26211) by GC- or LC-MS. Isavuconazole is a broad-spectrum triazole antifungal agent.{46134} It inhibits the growth of clinical isolates of A. fumigatus, A. terreus, A. flavus, and A. lentulus (MIC90s = 0.39, 0.39, 2, and 0.25 mg/L, respectively) as well as C. albicans, C. krusei, and C. parapsilosis (MIC50s = 0.03, 0.06, and 0.03 mg/L, respectively).{46134,46135,46136,46137} Isavuconazole also inhibits the growth of several other fungal species, including clinical isolates of C. neoformans and C. gattii (MIC90s = 0.032 and 0.125 mg/L, respectively).{46134,46136} Formulations containing isavuconazole have been used in the treatment of invasive aspergillosis and mucormycosis.
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