Australine is a pyrrolizidine alkaloid originally isolated from C. australe that has enzyme inhibitory activities.{54015,54016,54017} It is an inhibitor of glucoamylase (IC50 = 5.8 uM) that also inhibits glucosidase I, sucrase, maltase, and A. niger a-glucosidase (IC50s = 20, 28, 35, and 28 uM, respectively).{54016,54017} Australine is selective for these enzymes over glucosidase II, a- and B-mannosidase, and a- and B-galactosidase up to 500 uM, B-glucosidase, with only 5% inhibition at 66 uM, as well as isomaltase and trehalase (IC50 = 97 and 160 uM, respectively). Australine (500 ug/ml) inhibits glycoprotein processing of viral glycoproteins in influenza virus-infected MDCK cells and induces the accumulation of glycoproteins.{54016}
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