Dodecanoyl D-sucrose is a nonionic surfactant.{48956} It is active against B. cereus, B. subtilis, S. aureus, E. coli, and S. typhimurium in a disc diffusion assay when used at a concentration of 255 mM. Transcutaneous immunization of mice with dodecanoyl D-sucrose-coated ovalbumin increases serum IgG levels by 5-fold compared to immunization with uncoated ovalbumin.{48957} Topical administration of a dodecanoyl D-sucrose hydrogel (15% v/v) containing estradiol increases serum estradiol levels in rabbits compared to an ethanol-containing hydrogel.{48958} Dodecanoyl D-sucrose has been used to prepare stable foams in aqueous solutions, as well as oil-in-water emulsions.{48959}
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