ADH-1 is a cyclic peptide antagonist of N-cadherin. {46719} It inhibits neurite outgrowth in cerebellar neurons cultured on N-cadherin-expressing 3T3 cell monolayers (IC50 = 0.323 mM). ADH-1 (0.2 mg/ml) inhibits cell scattering and motility induced by collagen I in Capan-1 cells and wild-type and N-cadherin-overexpressing BxPC-3 cells.{46720} It induces apoptosis in N-cadherin-overexpressing, but not knockdown, BxPC-3 cells when used at a concentration of 1 mg/ml. ADH-1 (50 mg/kg) reduces tumor growth in an N-cadherin-overexpressing BxPC-3 mouse xenograft model.
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