Lys-(Des-Arg9)-Bradykinin is a naturally occurring peptide agonist of the bradykinin B1 receptor (Ki = 0.12 nM in HEK293 cells expressing the human receptor).{49599,49600} It is selective for bradykinin B1 over B2 receptors (IC50 = >30,000 nM in CHO cells expressing the human receptor).{49601} Lys-(Des-Arg9)-Bradykinin increases both mRNA and protein levels of the B1 receptor in IMR-90 human lung fibroblasts in a concentration-dependent manner.{49602} It induces contraction of isolated rabbit aorta (pD2 = 8.6).{49603} Lys-(Des-Arg9)-Bradykinin decreases blood pressure in LPS-treated rabbits in a dose-dependent manner.{49600}
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