(Ala1)-PAR4 (1-6) is a synthetic peptide agonist of proteinase-activated receptor 4 (PAR4) that corresponds to residues 1-6 of the amino terminal tethered ligand sequence of mouse PAR4 and residues 60-65 of the full-length sequence with an alanine residue substituted for glycine at position 1/60.{47230} It is 10-fold more potent than PAR4 (1-6) (Item No. 27131), triggering [3H]inositol phosphate release from KOLF cells expressing human PAR4 at levels comparable to 30 nM thrombin (Item No. 13188) when used at a concentration of 500 ?M. (Ala1)-PAR4 (1-6) induces aggregation of human platelets.{23245}
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