(R,S)-Anatabine is a minor alkaloid produced in plants of the Solanaceae family, including tobacco.{20193} The detection of (R,S)-anatabine in urine is used as an indicator of tobacco use, particularly when nicotine-containing products (gum, patches, inhalers, and medications) are also being used.{20195,20196} (R,S)-Anatabine increases nicotine self-administration and locomotor activity in rats.{20194} Of note, (R,S)-anatabine diminishes amyloid-B production in vitro and in vivo. (R,S)-Anatabine reduces (600 ug/ml) the transcription and protein levels of B-secretase, lowering the amount of AB (1-40) and AB (1-42) in a dose dependent manner in SHSY-5Y cells. (R,S)-Anatabine also dose dependently inhibits NF-?B activation.{20197}
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