The latrunculins are commonly used to experimentally disrupt the actin cytoskeleton of cells. Latrunculin B causes concentration-dependent changes in cell shape and actin organization. It sequesters G-actin and prevents F-actin assembly. It binds monomeric actin with 1:1 stoichiometry and can be used to block actin polymerization both in vitro and in cells (Kd = 60 nM).{16723} The short-term effects of latrunculin B are comparable to those of latrunculin A, although latrunculin B is slightly less potent.{16724} However, latrunculin B is gradually inactivated by serum so that induced changes are transient in the continued presence of the compound. For this reason, latrunculin B may have fewer unwanted effects than latrunculin A and may be preferred for short-term studies.
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