For each experiment you need the perfect protocol. Below we provide you with the most common protocols available, kindly provided by our suppliers.


ABC technique on frozen sections                               -           Monosan

ABC technique on paraffin sections                             -           Monosan

Direct Immunofluorescence Staining                            -          Bio-Rad antibodies

Immunohistochemistry (Indirect Immunostaining)        -          Bio-Rad antibodies

Cell Culture

Cell culture technique

Cell Harvesting                -           Thermo Scientific NUNC

Cryo Preservation            -           Thermo Scientific Nalgene

5 Cell culture rules          -            Cell Applications

Primary Cell FAQ            -            Cell Applications

Primary Cell Video          -            Cell Applicaions

Molecular Biology

Immunoprecipitation                    -            Origene

Soil DNA Isolation                       -            Norgen

Exosome Isolation                      -             System Biosciences  

XCF Liquid Biopsy                      -             System Biosciences    



Chromatin Immunoprecipitation (ChIP)         - Proteintech

Sandwich ELISA (direct detection)                - Bio-Rad antibodies

Western blotting                                         -  Origene

Video tutorial Quantitative Western blotting   -  Agrisera


Contact us

 If the protocol you need is not mentioned in the list,    please do not hesitate to contact us directly. Too many  altered protocols are available for as many exceptions  that they would not fit one page. We are looking      forward to your request by phone call, chat or e-mail



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