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Cedarlane Laboratories Limited is a certified privately held Canadian corporation and has been in business since 1957. The company has evolved to become a leading supplier of research reagents in Canada and world-wide, particularly in the area of immunology.

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CEDARLANE Corporation and its many divisions are privately held entities, all of which are owned and operated by the same two shareholders who have remained unchanged for the past 27 years. The corporation has attained 400% revenue growth over the past 10 years, now representing a product portfolio of over two million products from over one thousand global companies.

As an ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 establishment, Cedarlane has grown to specialize in a number of key areas including: global distribution, reagent manufacturing, custom lab services, lab research, freight consolidation/aggregation, product licensing, permits, cross border issues, and purchasing. Service and delivery are considered unparalleled within the industry.

The company offers a myriad of biologicals and biochemicals to Life Science researchers and clinicians providing products from virtually all of the World’s most renowned international manufacturers. Delivery is timely and all products are stored, received, and shipped at appropriate required temperatures.

Employees work closely with both customers and suppliers offering a personalized and comprehensive experience to reflect the core value that customers are of the utmost importance. By providing a gateway to over two million global reagents customers have the advantage of freight consolidation and the convenience and cost savings inherent within.

Manufactured products include monoclonal and polyclonal antibodies, cell separation media, complement for tissue typing, and highly characterized neuronal cell lines.

As a corporation Cedarlane attends and exhibits at over 100 international trade and vendor shows annually, specially focused to a variety of disciplines. Cedarlane has preferred vendor status with a number of North American institutions due to our value-added model and strong sales and marketing capabilities.

Their Mission

  • Continue to achieve growth as a world leader in supplying research and diagnostic reagents
  • Maintain a core operating policy central to exceptional customer service and satisfaction
  • Act as a valuable resource to all customers
  • Continue to grow and expand as a dynamic organization, leveraging our strengths to better serve a global customer base
  • Uphold a corporate culture which emphasizes that employees work in a team atmosphere that encourages empowerment, productivity and enjoyment in the workplace
  • Their success is measured through satisfied stakeholders.

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