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The products can be used during pre-, and postnatal screening of different sample types such as amniotic fluid, chorionic villi, human lymphocytes from peripheral blood, bone marrow etc.


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In the early 80s’ the establishment of CELBIO represented a true milestone, and quickly became a reference for a number of scientists, giving them a valuable opportunity to gain access to a world of products and equipment in Biotechnology. Later on, this name became familiar also in the Medical and Diagnostic field.

This leading approach remained unchanged and possibly improved throughout almost three decades, reinforcing the image as a reliable and solid partner for the entire scientific community. At the beginning of the 90s' a sister company called EuroClone® started its activity with the goal of giving more emphasis to the development of smart ideas which were felt to evolve into nice products to sell.

The success was such that in 2009 it was decided to merge the two companies, CELBIO was fully incorporated into EuroClone®.

As a matter of fact, EuroClone® nowadays is bringing into the market the “passion” of the early days (since has inherited the Distribution of a panel of well known brands) along with a clear and growing interest in innovative and state-of-the art technologies originated by in-house R&D as well as obtained under private label and OEM agreement with the most qualified manufacturers worldwide.

In other words, EuroClone® continues the tradition of CELBIO, while evolving into a modern supplier of up-to-date and own-branded products, thus reconfirming its position as a key-provider for a number of laboratories and clinics.

Mission and Values

To be perceived, each and every day, as a reliable reference point for the entire biomedical world, providing innovative products, services and solutions.

Their values go hand in hand with the Company Mission stated above: they firmly believe that their activities must be inspired by these concepts:

Creation of a solid financial platform to support the company’s growth
Fulfillment of shareholders’ and investors’ expectations
Respect for all the persons working in the company, in view of developing each individual capability and professionalism
Dynamism and pro-active planning
Ethical attitude, both in doing business and in managing personal relationships

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