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Cell Marque, a Sigma-Aldrich company, operates out of a consolidated facility in Rocklin, California. The facility incorporates laboratories for hybridoma-derived antibody production, research and development, histology, and quality control as well as production floor space.

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Established in 1994, Cell Marque Corporation primarily focuses on producing and marketing antibodies for diagnostic immunohistochemistry (IHC). Their main focus is providing quality and innovative antibodies for in vitro diagnostic use to further serve the clinical market.

Cell Marque serves pathology laboratories and research facilities globally through a domestic sales force, their team of Technical Consultants, as well as international distributors. They are a company that encourages intellectual growth and it is their goal to stay on top of current issues in their industry so that they can bring their customers the newest and most innovative antibodies available.

In addition, Cell Marque manufactures and supplies primary antibodies to Ventana Medical Systems® (a member of The Roche Group) who is the world leader in automated IHC platforms. Lastly, they are one of the only IHC companies that employs a team of medical doctors, including two full-time pathologists, to deliver to their customers the level of quality and support they deserve.

Cell Marque is both ISO13485:2003 certified and 21 CFR Part 820 compliant and therefore offers their products to key markets worldwide. They have also taken an initiative to enhance their productivity through studied improvements in workflow (LEAN Enterprise) and the adoption of paperless document management software.

Their vision and values

Customer:  Dedicated to exceeding the expectations of their customers.
Employee:  Empower and equip employees to make their brand the most trusted and sought after in their industry.
Leadership:  Cultivate organizational synergy in the pursuit of excellence.
Loyalty:  Promote brand loyalty by delivering exceptional value and distinguished service.

Market Share:  First in the mind of the customer.
Alliance:  Foster mutually beneficial relationships with global strategic partners.
Research:  Commit resources to continually identify and offer products that will further advance the art of histopathology
Quality:  Believe that service to the customer begins with quality.
Universal:  Serve the healthcare needs of the global community through universal applications of our products.
Execution:  From Passion to Product to Patient®

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