Choose the best Nunc microplates!

Sanbio b.v. is your preferred supplier for all Thermo Scientific Nunc products. We can for instance offer our support through technical guidance, samples and reserve batches when requested.

Whether you’re culturing individual cell lines or scaling up for high throughput screening, or anything in between, there’s a Thermo Scientific Nunc plate for your needs. Advances in manufacturing for surface technology, well geometry and optical flatness mean our supplier Nunc offers a plate tailored for your specific application. But looking for the best Nunc microplate to fit your needs can be quite difficult. This is how we can help:

Three ways for you to use the Nunc plate guide:

1. Go to the Nunc Plate guide website, simply select your criteria from the options at the bottom of the page;  the guide will return all plates that match your selections.

2. Download the Nunc Plate guide app to your  Android,™ Apple™ iPad™ or Apple™ iPhone™ device. It's free!



3. Click here for a PDF brochure of the Nunc Plate guide

Nunc plate guide

Contact us in case you wish to request more information, or a free sample!



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