Nextflex ChIP-Seq Kit for NGS

The Nextflex ChIP-Seq Kit is getting more and more popular in pathology labs for Next Generation Sequencing. The reason is the low input you need for this technique.

The NEXTflex™ ChIP-Seq Kit contains specially designed enzymes and buffers needed for library preparation of chromatin immunoprecipitated (ChIP) DNA or small genomic DNA samples for next generation sequencing. The NEXTflex ChIP-Seq Kit features Bioo Scientific’s proprietary “Enhanced Adapter Ligation Technology” resulting in library preps with a larger number of unique sequencing reads. By making improvements to the ligation enzymatic mix, the user will now have the ability to perform ligations with longer adapters and expect to see better binding efficiencies. The NEXTflex ChIP-Seq Kit simplifies workflow by using master mixed reagents and magnetic bead based cleanup, reducing pipetting and eliminating time consuming steps in library preparation. Using the Enhanced Adapter Ligation Technology with NEXTflex™ ChIP-Seq Barcodes, the user can index up to 96 samples at once providing an unparalleled ChIP sequencing capacity.


• Optimized for low DNA input with NanoQ™ enzymes and buffers
• For use with ChIP, genomic DNA or cDNA samples
• Faster protocol - bead-based cleanup protocol shaves hours off of time required for library prep
• Completely gel-free protocol available
• Enhanced Adapter Ligation Technology offers a larger number of unique sequencing reads
• 96 barcoded adapters for multiplexing containing embedded index sequences
• Automation-friendly workflow compatible with liquid handlers
• Flexible barcode options – kits containing 6, 12, 24, 48 and 96 unique barcodes available
• Compatible with Illumina GAIIx, HiSeq 2000 and MiSeq sequencing platforms

Ordering information:

NEXTflex™ ChIP-Seq Kit, Cat.# BSC5143-01, size 8 rxns

NEXTflex™ ChIP-Seq Kit, Cat.# BSC5143-02, size 48 rxns

For more information contact our NGS specialists Daniëlle Nillesen en Faïçal Marmouk.


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