HSVII now available!

February 06, 2018 

Cell Marque's Herpes Simplex Virus II Rabbit Polyclonal Antibody available through Sanbio

Herpes simplex virus is quite ubiquitous and is variable in its presentation in human disease. Type II typically involves the genitalia. It may affect the skin or internal organs (typically brain, lung, liver, adrenal gland, or gastrointestinal tract) of immunocompromised individuals. This polyclonal antibody reacts with Type II Herpes viruses.


  • Reactivity:           paraffin
  • Visualization:       Cytoplasmic, Membranous
  • Control:              Herpes simplex virus infected tissue
  • Dilution Range:   1:100-1:500

Ordering information

0,1 ml concentrate 362A-74
0,5 ml concentrate 362A-75
1,0 ml concentrate 362A-76
1,0 ml predilute 362A-77
7,0 ml predilute


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