New Click Seal, Leakproof, Stackable vials

November 20, 2017 

Sample safety with a ''click''


What makes Clicktainer vials different from other sample containers?

  • Click Seal closure
    The NEW Click Seal closure allows for visual and audible indication of the full cap closure. You will feel it click into place!
  • Easy sample handling
    The smooth internal tabs reduce the risk of tearing with gloves or the tab breaking off, contaminating the sample.
  • Leakproof performance guaranteed
    Each Clicktainer vial is thoroughly tested:
    • Leak testing in accordance with BS EN 14254
    • 95kPa vacuum test in accordance with BS EN 14401
    • Tested in a pneumatic transport system—ideal for hospital pneumatic transport systems
  • Knurls on cap and base
    Vials are easy to handle with gloved hands.
  • Stackable
    Clicktainer vials are stackable, helping you to optimize sample storage.


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