Special Elisa Kit Promotion - Proteintech

January 15, 2018 


ELISA Kits just €199,- for a limited time! 

Why choose Proteintech ELISA kits?

Proteintech provides a wide range of two-site sandwich ELISA kits. All of which are highly sensitive and ready to use.  Each Proteintech sandwich ELISA kit has been rigorously assessed for intra- and inter-assay variability and data show high levels of assay consistency and sample recovery (provided with every datasheet).

Here’s what you can expect from Proteintech ELISA kits:

  • Quick and simple to use.

  • High sensitivity and broad assay range.

  • Detects quantitative protein level in serum, plasma or supernatant of cell lysates. 

  • Delivers consistent results with high reproducibility.


Click here for the full list of included products.

Promo code GNOV17ELISA must be mentiond when placing your order.
Only valid at the Elisa Kits mentioned in this news item.
This promotion is valid until 31th of March 2017.

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