332 new tetramer and monomer products from MBL

June 12, 2017 

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MBL launces 332 new Tetramer and Monomer products

MBL has been developing and manufacturing MHC tetramer reagents since 2002. MBL tetramers save you time and reduce errors due to the simple one-step staining procedure for Class I tetramers, where antibodies and tetramers stained simultaneously for 30 minutes at room temperature, as opposed to the two step sequential protocol required for other multimers.

The recent addition of 332 new products include 192 tetramers and 140 monomers, to 137 Viral Targets, 126 Custom and 32 Cancer Targets. The top highlighted targets are Melanoma, Influenza, CMV, HBV, HCV, HIV, HPV

MBL tetramers are available in PE, APC, and BV421. Biotinylated monomers are also available for assay flexibility and extension of fluorescent options via tetramerization using commercially available streptavidin conjugates.

A full list of all new tetramer and monomer products can be found here

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