EpiGentek ChIP kits promotion

May 30, 2017 

Chromatin ImmunoPrecipitation (ChIP) is an antibody-based method used for determining the location of DNA binding sites on the genome for a particular protein of interest.


10% off
the entire line of Chromatin & Transcription and Chromatin Preparation research kits from EpiGentek.

Chromatin structures are regulated by various mechanisms including histone modification and chromatin remodeling, which involve the binding of transcription factors. By using tools such as chromatin immunoprecipitation, it is possible to gain further insight into the dynamic interactions between transcription proteins and components of chromatin, and to ultimately understand their roles in cellular functions such as gene transcription and epigenetic silencing.

 Chromatin is a combination of DNA and proteins that packages DNA into a smaller volume to fit in the cell, helps to prevent DNA damage, and controls gene expression and DNA replication. Proper isolation of chromatin samples is an important factor in assays for studying protein-DNA interactions.

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The discount will be valid on kits sold from May 22nd, 2017 through August 18th, 2017. The discount can be used for all kits in the Chromatin & Transcription category and Chromatin Preparation Kits category, at list-price.

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