Frequently Asked Questions

Prices, Orders & Logistics

  • You can send your orders through e-mail, fax or by telephone call. Please mention the description, product code and supplier of the product(s) you would like to order. Don't forget to mention your order number and contact details (name, street address, postal code, city and country).


    Fax: +31 413 266605

    Tel: +31 413 251115

  • In general Sanbio delivers products within 1 to 2 weeks after receipt of your order, but because our suppliers are based all around the world, delivery times can vary. Some products are in stock and others are shipped to our facilities several times a week.

    If you are planning your experiments and you need to know exactly when you will receive the products you ordered, please give us a call, send us an e-mail or use the chat function on our website.


  • Always contact us if you are in a hurry of receiving your product. We will do anything within our possibilities to help you get your product as soon as possible.

  • Handling & shipping costs:

    The Netherlands

    • 25 euro for orders < 350 euro excl. VAT
    • Free of charge for orders > 350 euro excl. VAT
    • Costs Europallet: 15 euro
    • Costs Dry-Ice: 30 euro

    Belgium and Luxembourg

    • 25 euro for orders < 350 euro excl. VAT
    • Free of charge for orders > 350 euro excl. VAT
    • Costs Europallet: 15 euro
    • Costs Dry-Ice: 50 euro


    • 35 euro for all orders
    • Costs Dry-Ice: 50 euro


    • 100 euro for orders < 350 euro excl. VAT
    • 75 euro for orders > 350 euro excl. VAT
    • Costs Dry-Ice: 50 euro



  • All prices mentioned on the website are exclusive of VAT.

  • Please check out Deals of the Month for special offers and available discounts. Otherwise you can send us your wishlist and a sales representative will contact you and discuss the possibilities of a discount.

  • We will gladly provide customers with a quote for BULK orders. Please contact us at for a custom quote. Do not forget to include the article number and quantity required.

  • Yes, we can provide you with a copy.

    Please send your request to with your order number and/or invoice number.

  • Please contact us as soon as possible and we will discuss the possibilities.

  • We have many different suppliers which all have their own catalogs and/or posters. Please send your enquiry for a poster/catalogue of interest to and we will send them to you.

  • Of course we can provide you the status of your order. Please contact us at +31 413 251115 or send your inquiry to Keep your order number ready.

Technical Support

  • The products you find on our website have a link to the technical datasheet. If this datasheet does not give you all the information you need, please contact us directly. Our technical department will be able to give you additional information or they help you to find an alternative product which is most suitable for your assay. 

  • Do not hesitate to contact us directly. Our technical department and product specialists are pleased to help you.

    We consult with you to find out why it is not working.

    • Is the product suitable for the application you use?
    • What protocol have you used?
    • Have you altered the protocol?
    • Have you used a positive/negative control?

    We can point out the most important steps in the protocol, show you any tips & tricks, etc.

    Our technical support department is available 5 days a week (Monday till Friday) and our product specialists visit our customers in the Benelux regularly and will be pleased to visit and help you in your lab.  

  • Sanbio B.V. strives to keep are records up-to-date. On our webpage we try to list the latest published article from the product. If no reference is mentioned please contact us, we will try to find a relevant article.

  • The possibility of a free sample depends on the availability of the supplier. Send your request to

  • Information regarding cross reactivity is stated on the datasheet. If you would like to test the antibody in an untested species we recommend checking the sequence alignment between the immunogen and the protein of interest. An alignment >85% is a good indication, however Sanbio B.V. is unable to guarantee the performance on untested species.

  • Occasionally, a product will be discontinued. This could be caused by a lack of commercial interest, a disruption in the supply chain, or unforeseen production difficulties. Sanbio B.V. understands that this could cause inconvenience and will try to recommend a alternative product within the product portfolio.

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