Jubilee Congress Eurotransplant

04Oct - 06 Oct 2017
Hotel van Oranje, Noordwijk, the Netherlands

Join us and our supplier One Lambda to this unique event, to celebrate Eurotransplant's 50th anniversary!

In 2017, Eurotransplant celebrates its 50th anniversary. For this occasion, a Jubilee Congress is organized from October 4–6, 2017 (instead of the regular Annual Meeting). This international, both medical and political congress takes place at the beautiful Hotel van Oranje at Noordwijk in the Leiden area, where the heart of the Eurotransplant history lies.

The Jubilee Congress will be highly interesting for all professionals involved in clinical care and research related to organ donation and transplantation. Besides physicians, surgeons and transplant researchers, all different allied health professionals involved in transplantation and donation such as clinical and donation coordinators are warmly welcome.

The meeting is also addressed to medical ethicists, politicians, patient representatives and even journalists. Furthermore, we cordially invite also families and relatives of organ donors and transplanted patients to be present.

Please find the program here.


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