NVC-SKML Flow Cytometry

15Nov - 16 Nov 2017
Theatre Odeon, in Zwolle

The Dutch Society for Cytometry (NVC) and the Section Immunological and Molecular Cell Diagnostics of the Foundation for Quality Control of Medical Laboratories (SKML section IMCD) organize each year a conference on quality and development in flow cytometry. Sanbio B.V. will cosponsor this meeting together with our supplier Innova. The conference will take place on Wednesday 15 and Thursday 16 November 2017 in Theatre Odeon, in Zwolle.

The first day will focus on the developments in flow cytometric applications. The second day addresses the external quality control programs of the SKML section IMCD and recent developments in quality assessment and standardization in flowcytometric immunophenotyping. Note that the conference will be held mainly in Dutch.

The full program

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