Labware (Laboratory Consumables)

Sanbio has been working very closely with NUNC and Nalgene for many years. Both companies are now part of Thermo Scientific, but our cooperation has never changed.

NUNC & Nalgene, part of Thermo Scientific

Success in life science demands excellence in every dimension. This includes the labware, equipment and consumables you trust for consistent, reliable results. Products from NUNC and Nalgene are committed to the highest quality standards from product materials and manufacturing methods, to customer support.


NUNC brand is committed to playing an important role in the development of new products and surface treatments which will help scientists to produce results and to find industrial applications for discoveries made in pure science.

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Nalgene bottles are lighter in weight than glass and protect against leakage, breakage, and contamination. The products offer your laboratory a safer alternative without sacrificing the accuracy you need. From tiny dropper bottles to large carboys, you always get high-quality, re-usable plasticware when you use our laboratory products.

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