Conjugate your antibody in less than 20 minutes

Innova LogoLightning-Link® easy to use antibody labeling kits.

THE antibody labeling kit that saves you time!

The Lightning-Link® Antibody Labeling System from our supplier Innova Biosciences allows conjugations to be set up in seconds, in a one step easy to use format. By circumventing the desalting or dialysis steps that commonly interrupt traditional protein labeling procedures, Lightning-Link® technology can be used to label small quantities of antibody with 100% recovery. Lightning-Link® Rapid now comes with all the benefits of Lightning-Link® with the added advantage that the labeled antibody is ready to use within 20 minutes from start to finish. The Lightning-Link® Rapid range now includes the DyLight® dyes from Thermo Fisher Scientific.

Antibody Labeling Procedure


  • 30 seconds hands on time, in a one step format
  • No separation steps
  • Over 40 available labels
  • Scalable


  • World’s Easiest to use antibody labeling kit. Label as little as 10ug of antibody
  • Antibody recovery is 100%
  • Applicable to Western-Blotting, ELISA, Immunohistochemistry, FRET Immunofluoresences, and FACS analysis
  • Easily transferred from R&D to manufacture process

Available Lightning-Link® Antibody Labeling Systems

Read the Simple Guide to Antibody Labeling and Detection

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