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Sanbio B.V., based in Uden (the Netherlands) and established in 1978, is an independent supplier of life science products for research and diagnostics in the Benelux and represents a large number of innovative international companies. Sanbio is also manufacturer and developer of antibodies and antibody-related products of its own brand Monosan, suitable for basic and applied life sciences projects. Our strong reputation is built on our aim to serve our customers with the highest level of service and support.

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In 2007 Sanbio moved into a brand new state of art facility with room for growth. We are located in the Eindhoven region which is the brightest region in the world as appointed by the Intelligent Community Forum (ICF). It is centrally located and close to high technology science parks in Eindhoven, Utrecht and Nijmegen. This enables technology transfer in the process of knowledge, skill transferring and methods of manufacturing among institutions to ensure that scientific and technological developments are accessible to a wider range of users. 

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The laboratory products Sanbio supplies for life science and diagnostics are carefully selected to meet the standards set for reliability, applicability, quality and innovation. Sharing the experience and knowledge, gathered by Sanbio in the past 35 years, has resulted in mutually respected partnerships between Sanbio, their suppliers and end-users. For Sanbio, quality-oriented thinking, good communication, reliability, technical skills and market intelligence are well integrated core concepts within the organization.


Sanbio acts as link between user and supplier of laboratory products for life science and diagnostics. By keeping communication lines short and sharing technical knowledge, it’s easier for the customer (technicians, specialists and procurement officers) to gain access to the products offered by Sanbio. This contributes to high levels of fundamental and applied research performed within the Benelux countries, which ultimately benefits to progression of health care in general.


Our customers in Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg (Benelux) are based in laboratories of Universities, (Academic) Hospitals, Governmental laboratories and Pharmaceutical – and Biotech industry.


The online word of mouth by social media, our new interactive website and sending out digital newsletters give us different ways to share and promote new developments, new products, and innovations, from either our suppliers or our own product line, with our customers.  A direct sales force in the field serves our customers with a high level of technical expertise and hands on experience.  


Our continuous efforts to improve our high standard of quality and support is part of a certified ISO9001 quality system. We implemented this quality system back in 1997 as one of the first biotech companies in the Netherlands. Feedback from our customers has proven to be of major importance in planning and executing projects for improved logistics and faster customer support.


MONOSAN®, the brand name of Sanbio, is our own product line with commercially available antibodies and antibody-related products. The Monosan portfolio Faical Labcontains over 3000 monoclonal and polyclonal antibodies and reagents which are being developed and commercialized either in our own laboratories or in collaboration with some of the leading universities and research institutes throughout Europe and the United States. Monosan products are marketed and sold worldwide through a network of approved and service-conscious distributors and OEM partners in more than 70 different countries. A complete range of highly specific and exclusive antibodies is brought together at our website: www.monosan.com

Molecular Biology

Innovations within molecular biology are developing faster every year. We focus on new techniques and products, by working very closely with our current suppliers and by looking for new innovative product lines in our business network.


Traditionally Sanbio holds a strong position in the immunology market. Sanbio was one of the first companies to supply a monoclonal antibody for life science.


Success in life science demands excellence in every dimension. This includes labware and consumables you trust for consistent, reliable results. Products from NUNC and Nalgene, part of Thermo Fisher, belong to our portfolio and are committed to the highest quality standards from product materials and manufacturing methods, to customer support.


Sanbio has an extensive knowledge and experience within pathology. Not only because of our outstanding portfolio of suppliers, but also our product specialists are highly experienced in this field by training and education.


Diagnostic testing is used to determine the causes of symptoms of diseases. Our suppliers, excellent in diagnostic testing, are selected to improve the quality of life for patients and their family. The Luminex platform offers a unique open-architecture xMAP®  technology which enables large numbers of biological tests (bioassays) to be conducted and analyzed quickly, cost-effectively and accurately. Our portfolio of products is based upon this Luminex technology for HLA typing and screening, auto immune diagnostics and infectious diseases. In 2011 Sanbio installed the first LABXpress™, a new robot for automated HLA tissue typing, on the European continent.


Sanbio has a strong cooperation with Hycult Biotech (www.hycultbiotech.com) which was founded in 1994 and is based at the same location. Hycult Biotech develops, produces and markets antibodies, antibody-based products and more specific immunoassays for innate immunity and directly related fields, with an emphasis on complement, neutrophil proteins, TLR, scavenger receptors and acute phase proteins. Hycult Biotech’s mission and strategy is to advance insight in innate immunity related diseases, for the benefit of individuals and their quality of life.

VAT number: NL008855523B02

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