Ready-to-use tagged cDNA clones

TrueORF® enables the expression of the encoded transcript as C-terminally tagged protein with Myc and FLAG® epitopes. It facilitates multiple applications that utilize an anti-tag antibody, such as protein expression, protein purification and subcellular localization.

 The TrueORF cDNA clones are tagged clones for protein studies

  • There are genome wide ORF clones for human, rat and mouse
  • Validated for Western Blot
  • Two types of ready-to-use clones; Myc-DDK tagged or GFP tagged
  • 60 destination vectors for additional applications
  • Easy shuttling


Technical features of TrueORF

  • The CMV promoter and a Kozak consensus sequence drive protein expression in mammalian cells
  • The C-terminus of the ORF is tagged with Myc/DDK or tGFP
  • 10 µg of purified plasmid is provided for immediate transfection and expression experiments
  • The upstream T7 promoter allows protein expression in cell-free system
  • Engineered as the entry vector for the Precision Shuttle system


The PrecisionShuttle system is a restriction enzyme-based shuttling system.

  • Simple, directionsl subcloning using restriction enzymes, no need for expensive recombinases.
  • Precise, add the intended tag to its desired location without adding long stretches of irrelevant amino acids.
  • Freedom-of-use, no intellectual property restrictions.
  • Flexible, ORFs from 300bp to 18Kb can be readily transferred

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